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D44K Multi-material Inner And Outer Tea Bag Packing Machine

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Product Description

D44K AutomaticMultiple Materials Double Bags Packing Machine
It is suitable for the dual bags packing of small grain-like materials, such as tea leaves, medicinal tea and health care tea, and other materials with irregular shape, etc.
1. The machine is an automatic multiple functional teabag packing equipment with a new heat sealing method.
2. The inner and outer bags forming is finished at the same time, avoiding direct contact with packing materials and improving work efficiency. Inner bag is made of filter paper with thread and tag attached, while outer bag is made of composite paper.
3. The biggest advantage is: Tag attaching and outer bag making can adopt photoelectric position.
4. The packing capacity, the size of inner and outer bags can be easily adjusted according to different requirements so as to achieve the best package, improving product appearance and enhancing the value of the products.
Technical data:
Machine type: Multiple Materials Packing Machine Series
Machine model: D44K
Machine name: Automatic Multiple Materials Double Bags Packing Machine
Measuring: 3-15ml
Packing speed: 40~60 bags/min
Tag Size: L:20~24mm , W:40~55mm
Thread Length: 155mm
Inner Bag Size: L: 50-70mm, W: 40-80mm
Outer Bag Size: L: 70-120mm, W: 60-90mm
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 3.7KW
Machine dimension : 1250*700*1800mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight: 500KGS

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