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C35 Drip coffee bag film tagging machine

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Product Description

C35 Drip coffee bag film tagging machine

Type: lntelligent shrink packing machine series

Product model: C35

Product name: Drip coffee bag film tagging machine

lt is suitable for automatic labeling of non-woven fabrics for drip coffee


This machine is an automatic labeling equipment that uses multiple sets ofultrasonic waves for drip coffee paper.The machine can automatically seal cut the pattern on the paper label, and automatically attach it to the non-wofabric.The equipment can replace the paper cutting mold by itself and custonpersonalized drip coffee labels.

Packing speed: 100~150 pcs/min

Packing material: Non-woven fabric、PLA mesh

Material size: 160mm、180mm、200mm

Inner dia.of the paper tube: 76mm

Outer dia. of the packing roll: 400mmSealing type: Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic wave: 3 sets

Qualification rate: ≥99.9%

Air supply: ≥0.6Mpa

Operator: 2~3 sets/person

Power: AC220V/50HZ

Weight: 650KG

Dimension: 1350X950×1780mm


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